Buzz Worthy… Seven Year Itch?

(KPNX) Call them underwear, knickers, or drawers…when it comes to the tighties down under. Men tend to hold on to them a little longer.

“I know I have a tendency to have underwear that still has holes in it,” one man admitted.

A survey says men hold onto their trusty britches on average 7 years. Some guys don’t measure in years.

“When they get to a point where i don’t want to wash them and they shred in the washing machine… and or just need to throw them out,” said one man.

So why do men keep them so long?

“I think it’s more of a pain to shop for them unless they are shopping for us. So that’s why I think we tend to hold on to them longer,” one man said.

“I don’t think men care about their underwear and looking… I don’t want to say sexy in their underwear but it’s not important to them,” said one woman shopper.

The folks at target allowed us to check out their underwear on the racks. They tell us women change with the seasons. Men…well…some are a little lost.

“We see people come in here looking for underwear and have no idea where to look. Clearly they have not bought underwear in years,” said one target employee.

One scary statistic according to the survey, some guys wear the same knickers multiple days in a row.

“I like to be so fresh and so clean so I don’t do that but I have heard of others.”

Men may hold on longer but they are still masters of their shorts.

Keep in mind, only English men were questioned about their underwear practices.

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