Suspect robs police during charity football game

NEW YORK (CNN) – A brazen thief makes off with stolen loot belonging to of all people, law enforcement officers.

The officers were trying to help out a good cause over the weekend when the crime happened.

An LAPD football game for charity, but while roughly 100 off duty personnel from various agencies were on the field at Bishop Mora Salesian High School in Boyle Heights Saturday, a thief was scoring big in the locker room.

“It is pretty brazen to break into a facility during day time hours with numerous people on the campus,” said Sgt. Gabriel Lara.

LAPD confirms three handguns, four badges, jewelry and cash were stolen.

“All our equipment is accounted for it wasn’t our officers. It looks like the equipment belonged to the other agencies San Diego Pd and border patrol,” Sgt. Lara continued.

The San Diego sheriff’s department says at least one of their deputies was also a victim.  The crime happened around 5:30 near half time.

Eric Sarni says it was a packed house but during the break, the San Diego team went into their locker room, then an unusual delay.

“It was already over 20 minutes and I was like thinking what’s going on here. The helicopter was up in the air,” Sarni said.

LAPD says the San Diego team had a separate locker room.  The stolen items were in duffle bags.  According to LAPD, there were no signs of forced entry.

It’s possible an exterior door was left ajar and a thief walked right in.  A canine was used to try and track down a suspect but was unsuccessful.

On Monday, officers and a police k-9 were seen working the near the football field where the crime occurred.

The investigation continues.

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