“Soda Pop Geyser” fizzles out

GREEN RIVER, Utah (KSL) One of Utah’s most unusual tourist attractions is dying.

The so-called “soda-pop geyser” near Green River seems to have been plugged up by visitors who are too eager to see an eruption.

“In the last two years it’s gone to zilch,” said Jo Anne Chandler, archivist at the nearby John Wesley Powell River History Museum.

The on-again, off-again phenomenon is officially named Crystal Geyser. City leaders five miles away in Green River have often dreamed about turning it into a major tourist destination. But they may have missed their chance.

The only geyser in North America that operates on cold water is pretty much a fizzle these days.

Experts believe it’s been plugged up by rocks dropped into the geyser’s blowhole by tourists hoping to trigger an eruption. “They’re not aware that they’re taking away a lot of our young people’s heritage,” Chandler said.

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