FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes soon

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Food and Drug Administration could start regulating electronic cigarettes as early as this month.

Members of Congress and several public health groups have raised safety concerns over e-cigarettes.  Some e-cig smokers we spoke with said the regulations are needed, while others thought the new rules are unnecessary.

“I think they should, as soon as I started smoking them ,I’m like there’s probably stuff that can happen to, people that we haven’t even thought about and we think it’s just healthier, Ahmyee Lamoureux of Springfield told 22News.

Chad Messier of Northampton said, “I really don’t know the side effects with that but I know they’re better than cigarettes.  The way cigarettes have been pushed on us from a young age, I think it’s a good alternative.

E-cigarettes have been available in the United States since 2006 and are used by several million people worldwide.

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