Tracking the athletes at the 118th Boston Marathon

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP)-  There are over 36,000 participants in the 118th Boston Marathon, and there is expected to be over a  million people cheering them on.  So if you’re there to root someone on or would like to keep track of where they are from home you can do so.

Family and friends can track the progress of their favorite runners by entering the name and/or bib number of the entrant here at the Boston Athletic Associations website. 22News Reporter Laura Hutchinson is running with the West Springfield Harriers. Follow her bib # 30743 or on Twitter @laurahutch22. Laura passed the halfway mark in 2:29 hours at 1:59 p.m. By 4:35, she had hit the 40K mark, and was almost done!

The Boston Marathon will be using a computer chip timing device as the primary method of scoring the race.  The B.A.A. tracks every athlete at each 5 kilometer checkpoint.
The tracking tool is the same that was used during the Chicago Marathon.runners at six miles

You can also register for the marathon’s AT&T Athlete Alert by simply texting the athlete’s Bib Number to 345678. You will receive an alert when the athlete passes the 10K, half-marathon and 30K marks and then when he or she hits the finish line, according to the BAA website.

In case of an emergency where multiple people are sent to the hospital, families can track down their loved ones as well.  The state Department of Public Health and the American Red Cross have also launched a patient tracking database, called “Patient Connection.” If there’s an emergency at the marathon, and more than 10 people are sent to hospitals, families and friends can call one number to quickly locate their loved ones.
If “Patient Connection” is activated during the marathon, family members can call 2-1-1 or the Red Cross at 1-800-564-1234.

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Graphic shows the race route and elevation along the way for the 2014 Boston Marathon
Graphic shows the race route and elevation along the way for the 2014 Boston Marathon

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