Sister of Martin Richard continues her passion

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Richard Family was one of many who were severely affected the day of the Boston marathon bombings last year.

The Richard’s 8-year-old son Martin was the youngest victim to lose his life that day. His younger sister Jane lost her leg. However, one year later, that has not stopped Jane’s passion for life and for Irish Step dancing.

Long-time Richard’s family friend Larry Marchese told 22News just days after receiving her first prosthetic leg, Jane was attempting to dance once more.

“You’d think a little kid would be working to some pop music, no there’s Jane to her Irish music, her Irish Dance music, working her timing, on her footwork and her balance and her strength exercises.  She’s just no hold’s bar, the kid is not going to be held back,” said Marchese.

Jane has received a new Cheetah running prosthetic that allows her to play some sports. Her mom Denise was hit by shrapnel and lost all vision in one eye and her father Bill suffered a significant amount of hearing loss from the bombs.

Their oldest son Henry was the only member of the family to not be physically wounded.

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