Petition of concern for the use of drones

(AP Photo/U.S. Customs and Border Protection, File)

Amherst, Mass. (WWLP) – Two western Massachusetts towns are calling on the federal government to end the use of drones. 22News found out if people are concerned about unmanned aircraft.

Amherst and Leverett are holding town meetings to consider resolutions to regulate drones, and to end government use of the aircraft for assassinations.

Amherst and Leverett Town officials have developed a petition to express their concern about the U.S. using drones to kill people in Yemen and Pakistan. The petition would ask Senator Elizabeth Warren to propose a law to stop funding drone killings.

Some people told 22News, they don’t approve of the use of drones.

Morgana Smith, who is against drones, told 22News, “Anything that will kill a lot of people is a really bad idea. I feel really negatively about it. I don’t like weapons, certainly mass weapons like drones. “

Drones are also used for surveillance, helping the government catch criminals. The petition also calls for a restriction that would keep drones at least 500 feet above private property.

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