Organization wants to improve education in Northampton schools

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Teachers and parents want to improve education in Northampton schools. The Northampton Public School Action coalition is a group of teachers and parents, who want to encourage support of public schools.

The organization aims to unify both public and charter schools in the district. Members of the group want to increase resources for public schools and ensure they receive the same quality education as kids in private or charter schools.

Mandy Gerry, a parent, told 22News, “It creates a tiered structure in our schools, why doesn’t every kid deserve the best education we can give them?”

“With the increasing of the impacts of corporate education reform with the raising of high stakes tests, the increased lost of funds to charter schools, those are the things that we really needed to come together to address,” said Deborah Keisch of the Northampton Public School Action coalition.

The group also wants to make sure the school curriculum is strong and that teachers are receiving meaningful feedback to improve the quality of learning.

If you want to get involved with Northampton Public School Action coalition there will be a meeting next Monday, April 28 at the Bridge Street school.

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