Dr. Pierre Rouzier’s story of healing

BOSTON (WWLP) – Dr. Pierre Rouzier says the Boston Marathon is going to be redeeming. 22News shared with you some of his experiences at the finish line leading to a year of trauma and now, his story of healing.

“A woman reached over and pulled me over and said I’m going to die right here and right now and no one’s going to know where I am, and that made it as personal as it gets,” said Dr. Pierre Rouzier.

The chaos of the 15 minutes following the Boston Marathon bombing is a blur to Dr. Pierre Rouzier.

“So I just held onto her hand and said you’re not going to die, we’ll get you help.”

That image is forever engrained in the UMass doctor’s memory.

“One thing that I wish I had that I’m actually envious of the first responders and the relationships they had with the people that they met is I didn’t get her name or give her mine and you know, that really bothers me.”

It haunted him for months.

“I took off my bloody shoes by my front door and I took off my bloody pants in my closet and they both stayed there until I could touch them again.”

Soon, his emotional pain turned to physical pain. Rouzier was consoled by a therapist.

“I was getting stabbing pain right here and she just smiled at me and said well that’s your heart. When you get that pain, that’s you sending love to the victims, so now I look forward to getting chest pain.”

It was another doctor who helped Rouzier’s recovery the most.

“He said, ‘come to Haiti it will make everything better.’ And I went. And it did.”

It did, because Rouzier was reconnected with a second cousin whom he hadn’t seen in decades in Haiti.

He hopes through telling his story – he might, just might, reconnect with the woman at the finish line whose face he’ll never forget.

“Maybe there’s one of those connections for me.”

Until then, he’ll return to the finish line as before to help more people in need. Dr. Rouzier said he’s looking forward to once again working triage Monday.

He’s looking forward to working alongside many other volunteers who were here last year and are back again as part of their personal healing process.

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