Brush fire concerns in western Mass.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday’s big brush fire on Mount Tom in Holyoke surprised a lot of people who use the trails and live near by. The fire scorched 26 acres of land.

“We hike at Mount Tom quite a bit. So it is alarming I had no idea that that’s something that might potentially be happening,” said Mary Price of Northampton.

On Monday Fire Marshall Trevor Augustino spent the day at Mount Tom, making sure there was no chance the fire could start-up again.  One western Massachusetts woman says she’s not too worried.

“Typically we do have these brush fires but they are usually held under control,” said Maureen Bellucci of Wilbraham.

There is a number of ways a brush fire can start. They spread quickly due to a combination of dry air and wind, especially around this time of year.
The “DoSomething” website says 80-percent of wildfires are started by people.

“They seem to forget they need to cover up their fires. Make sure they are out, use water if you have to. Don’t just cover them with dirt,” said Desiree Smelcer of South Hadley.

Fire crews spent more than five hours trying to put out the fire on Sunday.
If you are hiking at Mount Tom or any other location, it’s a good idea to know a safe way out ahead of time, in case of a fire.

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