The impact running a marathon can have on your body

The impact running a marathon has on the body

BOSTON (WWLP) – Marathon runners have spent the past several months training for tomorrow’s big race. 22News tells you how that affects an athlete’s body.

36,000 runners are gearing up for the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon tomorrow. Although it is stressful on the body, marathons do no significant harm to a well-trained athlete.

Those who run marathons are healthier than the general population, but that does not mean they will cross the finish line unscathed. Running the 2014 Boston Marathon will take a toll on your feet and blisters are very common. Training for a marathon is good for the heart, but when the body is under stress, it is increasingly difficult for the heart to adequately pump blood throughout the body.

Even the most experienced runners will feel some type of leg or muscle pain following a marathon. If you are preparing for the big race tomorrow, be sure to stay hydrated and drinking a sports drink could benefit sore muscles the next day.

Fore more information on how running a marathon affects specific parts of your body and how click here.

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