Hundreds have Easter dinner at Spfld. High School

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hundreds of people with no other place to go enjoyed Easter Sunday dinner Sunday afternoon at Springfield’s High School of Commerce cafeteria.

It wasn’t just the homeless who came here for their ham dinner. Families also come to share the special day with others who might also be alone at home craving companionship. Victor Valentin of Springfield told 22News he and his family always accept the invitation from the open pantry community services.

“I look forward to every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, they always have a special dinner for us, we appreciate it, the public helps and yes I love Easter”

Allen Taber of holyoke also has easter dinner here every year. He looks on the spiritual side of this longstanding event.

“It means to me, it’s a dedication, the last supper in the bible as you get older because next year we’ll be around to help celebrate to meet with all our good friends.”

Before serving this dinner, teams of volunteers in the kitchen had prepared hundreds of other meals delivered by another group of volunteers to the homes of those unable to prepare Easter dinner for themselves.

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