Organization cleans up illegal Springfield dumpsite

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Keep Springfield Beautiful organization lived up to its name on Saturday. 22News is working to show how they got rid of an illegal dumpsite that was blight to the neighborhood.

It was the illegal dumpsite in front of an abandoned Eastern Avenue building before the Keep Springfield Beautiful volunteers got there Saturday morning.

Once the volunteers got there, they made short work of the accumulation of debris at what had become a favorite late night dumping ground.

Neighbors looked on with joy as the volunteers removed the blight.

Joshua Deleon told 22News, “I actually feel great about this because it’s about time I’ve moved here about three to four months ago, now seeing the place clean it makes me feel different about the place.”

Those who volunteered to make this neighborhood look more presentable felt good about what they had done to live up to the name of their organization, Keep Springfield Beautiful.

“It makes me feel great. You know we should do this more often we need to get out and be part of the community all the time,” said volunteer Ramon Ray.

Saturday’s clean up on Eastern Avenue was the start. Keep Springfield Beautiful will be out in force May 3rd, when they clean up dozens of illegal dumpsites that have festered in neighborhoods all over the city.

“We’re going to be in six corners area, we’re also going to be in the main street area, forest park, we’ll have the zone locations on our Facebook so people can volunteer,” said volunteer Melanie Acobe.

Not too many minutes after they had started their clean up, all of the unsightly and dangerous debris had been removed.

The group’s Mike Cass of the Springfield Housing Department has said whenever former homes are left abandoned for too long; it’s an invitation for creating illegal dumpsites.

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