New policies for spectators at the Boston Marathon

BOSTON (WWLP) –  It’s the weekend leading into the Boston Marathon.  For all those planning on visiting the city this weekend or for the marathon on Monday, there are some new policies for spectators.

Starting Saturday thousands of people are going to start coming to Boston getting ready for the marathon. This year it is expected to draw an even bigger crowd than in the past. That’s why there’s a bunch of new policies for spectators. The rules are designed to help ensure the safety and security of the participants.

Police are asking that no one brings any kind of weapons or items that may be used as weapons, like knives or mace.  They’re also asking that no one brings any backpacks suitcases, or rolling bags.

Also, if you planned on bringing a cooler or any glass cups or containers or cans you’re asked to leave those at home too.  Any container you do have should be smaller than one liter.  Steer clear of flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks and of course any type of explosive as well.

Women are also being asked to keep any handbags greater than 12in. x 12in.  x 6in. at home. Also, no large blankets, comforters, duvet or sleeping bags.  Police are also strongly encouraging no one wear any costumes covering the face or to bring props.

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