“Heaven Is For Real”

Rated PG
1 hour 45 minutes

Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Connor Corum

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Believe me, only true believers will experience all of the spiritual uplift of “Heaven Is For Real”.

Cynics and skeptics will likely scoff at the film’s wholesome storytelling style.

Not to mention the film’s premise that a four year old boy at the brink of death got a glimpse of heaven and lived to talk about his out of body experience.

Newcomer Connor Corum projects an innocent sincerity, sharing with his dad, Greg Kinnear, the small Midwestern town minister, details of the boy’s heavenly journey.

“Heaven Is For Real” often plays like a homespun folktale counting on the healing power of its spiritual message, with dad hanging on the child’s every word.

The script treats doubt as something subversive, altogether contrary to the message the film is trying to get across to its audience.

Kinnear’s family reacts ever so gently when their daughter clobbers two non-believers. It’s a scene that has the audience erupting into spontaneous cheers.

I knew right away that “Heaven Is For Real” is very much for real as a spirit lifting crowd-pleaser; a deeply felt family film worthy of three stars.

That’s because “Heaven Is For Real” doesn’t disappoint. You get exactly what you came for. And when was the last time that happened?

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