Extra ground and air surveillance for the Boston Marathon

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BOSTON (WWLP) – Millions are making their way into Boston for the Marathon on Monday and the Boston Police Department will be increasing their presence to keep you safe.

The eyes of the world and the eyes behind 100 newly installed security cameras in the Boston area will be watching the Marathon on Monday, but that’s just the surveillance on ground level.

The Boston Police Department is increasing its presence at the 2014 Boston Marathon with uniform and undercover officers. Up in the air, there will be helicopters with almost immediate visual access to any point along the 26.2 miles of the race route. The information from the helicopter is shared with top leaders on the local, state and federal levels. There is also an Incident Command Center in Hopkinton which acts as a central meeting location for key leaders if a situation comes up on Monday. The facility is what Massachusetts State Police call the “nerve center” for security on Marathon Monday to keep you safe.

“Any decision that had to be made in terms of operation really was filtered through this facility because you’re able to accommodate all the principal leadership of all of those agencies. Very very important when you’re trying to run a critical response or major event like were gonna have on Monday,” said Col. Timothy Alben of the Massachusetts State Police.

Security will be very tight for Monday’s race and spectators are urged to leave large items, like backpacks and strollers, at home. Although they are not banned, they will be subject to search. Stay with 22News as we continue our coverage from Boston leading up to Marathon Monday.

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