Teens help teens at youth conference

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Teens face many difficult issues in their lives, and sometimes those issues are best dealt with not by adults, but through people their own age.

With that in mind, students gathered Friday morning for the 23rd annual “We the People” youth conference at the Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield.

Tenth Grader Allison Boswell was among the teens who participated in Friday’s conference. She helped lead a discussion with other students from throughout the county, on the subject of addiction. They discussed how young people see the problem, and how they can help one another with it.

She told 22News that they advise parents pay more attention to their children, those who connect with their children are better able to sense whether they could be struggling with addition. “We’re able to hide really well, like when we’re doing drugs and stuff. Some parents are too busy with work and stuff to look around and see their teens are having problems,” Boswell said.

Some of the other issues discussed at this unique conference were sex and teen pregnancy, diversity, body image, and social activism.

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