Most workers feel overweight

NEW YORK (CNN) – A new survey might soon give some folks at the office a new reason to get moving. It shows more than half of workers feel overweight. found 55% of workers feel they are overweight compared to last year. The national survey included about 3,000 full time workers ages 18 and up.

The more seasoned folks at work reported tipping the scales in their current position with 40 percent of them ages 35 and gaining weight compared to 36% of those under 35.

The survey also suggests what industries might be more prone to weight gain. Information technology led the pack. Government workers weren’t far behind and financial services, health care and business services trailing behind them.

One more interesting tid bit from this study, 44% of people in management roles have gained weight in their current job compared to people in non-management roles. That corner office might have its drawbacks.

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