Marathon triage doctor reflecting on tragedy

BOSTON (WWLP) – A year after the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon, thousands will running in this year’s race. Yet people will also be remembering those who died, or were injured during last year’s Marathon.

UMass Dr. Pierre Rouzier was at the finish line, working triage, after the bombs went off. The best medicine for him is telling the story of his experiences following the bombing, and the year of healing that everyone has been through.

Rouzier has worked triage at the marathon finish line for years. He witnessed trauma in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, but he said it was nothing compared to the chaos in the first 15 minutes following the blasts.

Rouzier wanted to help the best way he could, so he ran toward Ground Zero. He couldn’t believe the strength and sense of community he felt as he approached the blast site.

“For probably every one victim, there was at least one or two people with them or somebody bent over helping or somebody hugging and consoling, but you didn’t know who was who,” Rouzier said.

He told 22News that he took off his belt to start making tourniquets, but every person he went to already had one on them.

Dr. Rouzier is cycling the route on Saturday with his friend. He’s looking forward to Monday being a day of redemption where he can connect with others at the triage tent.

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