Boston Marathon security plan from the sky

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (WWLP)-State police have made it clear that keeping the runners and spectators safe at this year’s marathon is their top priority.

22News reporter Kaitlin Goslee flew along with some of the their Air Wing troopers in one of their newest helicopters they will have in the air on the day of the Boston Marathon.

Air wing troopers told 22News they will have four of those helicopters working that day, at least one will be in the air at all times. The helicopters the unit uses are equipped with high-powered military-grade cameras.

State Police Trooper Pilot Eric Fairchild said throughout  Monday’s Boston Marathon, those cameras will be in constant contact from the air to the officers on the ground.

“Everything that we see we can down-link to a command post so they see exactly what we see if they tell us to go look at a suspicious package they’re seeing it live as well,” Trooper Fairchild explained.

Trooper Mark Spencer said that the Air Wing unit will have four choppers in the air starting Monday morning.  “We’ve got every precaution to make sure that at least at one given time there is a helicopter in the air, if not two.  So, we’re looking for seamless coverage and we’ve planned ahead for that,” Spencer said.

State police also told 22News that they will have twice as many officers on the ground as they did last year. Richard Prior of the State Police told 22News that a huge part of their work is relying on the public. Prior said that if you’re at the Marathon and see anything that you think is strange, be sure to tell an officer right away.

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