Unsecured pets in cars could be dangerous

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Buckling your seat belt when you get into a vehicle is instinct for many of us, but there are some family members typically left unsecured. TripsWithPets.com offered five reasons why securing your pets is a good idea.

Among them…reducing driver distraction. They also say a secured pet can help prevent injury to your pet, you, or passengers during a sudden stop or accident. There’s products on their website like vehicle pet barriers, seat belts, car seats, and pet travel crates available.

22News asked Hampshire County pet owners if they’ve tried securing their animals.

“Guthrie is pretty active in the car and he spins around a lot and likes to look out the window and the times we have used a harness, he’s gotten tangled up in it so it’s caused us to have to pull over and have to untangle him.” said Mark Wamsley of Florence.

TripsWithPets.com says pet travel is on the rise, putting more dogs and cats at risk of being hurt.

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