New advancements in denture technology

(CNN) – For those over the age of 55, dentures are still a reality, and for some a big inconvenience. However, with new dental technology, many younger people will never know what it’s like to have dentures, thanks to a new procedure.

With the birth of a new grandchild, Charlie Thrush has a lot to be happy about. That’s a good thing, because he also has a brand new smile. At age 18 Charlie had a serious gum disease, called a Pyria, that caused him to lose his teeth. For over 50 years he has worn dentures, which have had their drawbacks.

“I was having problems with ’em, staying in my mouth number one.”

Then Charlie heard about a digital imaging procedure that makes precise dentures through measurements programmed into a computer.  The computer makes a 3-d image model that is used to make the dentures. The fit is more exact, which mean less slipping.  The dentures are more natural and provide other health benefits.

“You have less sore spots, and with the better fit dentures you have less bone loss, you have less adherence of bacteria to the dentures, and less denture smell.” Said Dr. Youssef Obeid of Obeid Dental

And because fitting only requires two visits, it also means less time at the doctor’s office.  That’s just fine with Charlie, who would rather be with his granddaughter than in a dentist chair.

Charlie told CNN, “Everybody who looks at me says i have beautiful teeth.  I don’t tell them they’re false.  I say, thank you.”

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