“Massachusetts Alerts” app available for the Boston Marathon


FRAMINGHAM, MA (WWLP) – Runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon this year will have the ability to receive important public safety and emergency information with a new free app.

BOSTON MARATHON ROUTEThe Boston Athletic Association and the Mass. Emergency Management Agency worked together to ensure safety with “Massachusetts Alerts” during the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21st.

According to MEMA, “Massachusetts Alerts” is a communication tool used to send out critical information to smartphones. It is powered by a free app download called “Ping4alerts!” that is available for Android and iPhone devices.

During the Boston Marathon, MEMA will use the “Massachusetts Alerts” to inform runners and spectators on possible severe weather or course disruptions. “Massachusetts Alerts” can send highly targeted, instant multimedia alerts to specific locations along the Marathon course.

To learn more about “Massachusetts Alerts,” and for information on how to download “Ping4Alerts!” onto your smartphone, visit: www.mass.gov/mema/mobileapp

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