Allergies get crossed up

(WBAL) People who suffer from seasonal allergies are hurting this time of year, but what you might not know is that those sniffles and sneezes can also be related to food allergies.

With signs of spring everywhere, people are beginning to feel the dreaded effects of what they assume are simply seasonal allergies. Doctors, however, are beginning to warn seasonal allergy sufferers about another possible source of the discomfort.

Dr. Manav Singla, who is both an allergist and immunologist, explains that the pollen in the air that affects your allergies and some of the pollen in things you eat like fruit can actually have very similar effects on you.

“…we call that cross reactivity if you’re allergic to one thing, if something [is] very similar you’ll react to both,” said Dr. Singla.

Cross reactivity can cause many people to experience symptoms such as an itchy mouth or throat when eating specific fruits, with reactions to these allergens having the ability to range from mild to very serious.

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