River flooding affecting parts of the Pioneer Valley

The sun was out all day, but that doesn’t mean our flooding concerns are gone. In fact, in some spots the river levels will keep rising, making problems potentially worse on Thursday.

It might not look like raging rapids, but the Connecticut River up and down the Pioneer Valley is high, prompting flood warnings for some riverside communities.

Near a footbridge in Montague the National Weather Service has a sensor in the water to measure the levels of the Connecticut River. When they reach the levels 28 feet, you could see some lowland flooding south through Whately and Sunderland.

It’s not hard to see why, Montague is where the Deerfield River merges with the Connecticut River, bringing in lots of water and threatening areas that are typically prone to spring flooding.

Down the river, the sensor in Northampton has been above flood stage, causing portions of the Oxbow Marina to flood, swallowing a parking lot and raising boats and docks more than 11 feet above normal.

And there’s more water coming from up north.

“It takes time for water to run down through. So what they’ve got up there for their rain and on top of melting the snow load that’s still up in the woods, it takes time for that to come down here and we’ll feel it about two days later,” said Mick Duda, owner of the Oxbow Marina.

If the river rises too much more this portion of Route 5 could be under water.

Some roads are already underwater, like Fort Hill Road and River Road in Easthampton.

“It’s been quite a while, it’s been a long time. You’ve got to expect spring flooding down here, but this is kind of quick and exceptional,” said Tom Washington from Huntington.

If the river keeps rising, it could flood part of the Easthampton Rod and Gun Club.

Rivers should crest on Thursday and start receding on Friday.

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