National attention on the drug issues in Franklin County

Photo Courtesy: CNN

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Franklin County is gaining national news coverage for its increasing drug problem. 22news found out how some residents feel about the extra attention to their towns.

There was an increase in petty crimes, a surge in overdoses, and then Governor Patrick declared a state of public health emergency. And all the attention Franklin county is getting has some residents worried.

CNN recently visited Brad’s Place in downtown Greenfield to talk drugs in Franklin County. Opiate addiction has been an increasing problem in the area that requires reinforcement from both health professionals and law enforcement.

Some residents told 22News the increase in police presence and emergency vehicles has them surprised. Jeremy Moses said, “Greenfield is this idealistic small town. New England paradise. So it’s definitely alarming when you hear about it.”

There has also been an increase in heroin deaths. But a drug called Narcan is aimed at decreasing the number of overdoses in town.

One resident told 22News that even though he doesn’t have family members or friends to worry about, it’s still good to be able to save a life. Tom Costello said, “You never know what can happen, so it’s better to be prepared. If you are in the chance when you can save a life, a friend or enemy, it doesn’t matter a life is a life.”

Narcan recently became available in Greenfield. It is a nasal spray that helps reverse an overdose. Training to receive a Narcan kit lasts 30 minutes and the kits are available for free at your local Tapestry Health.

According to State Police, since November last year at least 185 people have died from suspected heroin overdoses across the state.

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