MGM to ask for license delay

BOSTON (WWLP) – First on 22News, new information about MGM Springfield’s casino license timeline.  The 22News I-Team discovered why MGM may ask for a delay.

The gaming commission is expected to decide if MGM Springfield receives a gaming license on May 30th.  Thursday,  MGM Springfield president Mike Mathis is expected to ask the gaming commission to determine that MGM can receive a gaming license on May 30th, but not to actually award the license until the repeal the casino debate is settled.

The state’s Supreme Judicial Court will hear arguments on both sides of the repeal effort on May 5th.  It is likely to decide by July if the entire state will get to vote on the legality of casinos.  If it sides with the repeal effort, this could last until a November vote.  If it sides with casino supporters, then MGM would like to receive their license immediately.

If awarded a license, MGM has 30 days to pay the state $85 million and it would need to allocate even more money it toward construction costs.  A tough sell to stock holders if it’s not known if a casino will ever be built.

The gaming commission is not expected to make a decision on MGM’s request during Thursday’s meeting.

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