Learn to empower yourself

You are the only person who can empower yourself and take control of your life, but sometimes it’s hard.  Jeff Londraville, the author of ‘The Filter’ made our life easier with tips.

Tips for Empowering Yourself:

Be Vulnerable
Living vulnerably and openhearted is the most powerful thing we can do, because when we lead with love, there’s no fear. Where there is no fear, there is no anger. As adults, what causes pain is the unhealed moments from the past that, when triggered, make us feel as if the past experience is happening again.

You can walk away
As you begin to make changes within, your relationships will begin to shift, some of them deepening and some of them falling away. Know that you are never a victim of someone else’s behavior, opinions or harsh energy. People who drain you or can’t see your light are no longer contributing to your growth and expansion. Let them go.

What are you worth?
You are worthy exactly as you are without doing anything. Lack of self-worth blocks us from being able to give and receive love in a healthy way. It holds us back from our dreams and our life’s purpose, and it creates codependency in relationships where there’s an imbalance of giving and receiving. And most of the time this is all unconscious, which means it has even more power and control over our lives, leaving us feeling stuck and paralyzed in our current life situation. Unless you say I’m worthy of this, you will not claim it. Everything you choose to claim is a reflection of your self-worth. When you know who you are, you claim your dreams and experience liberation.

You have a mission
Everyone here has a purpose – no one is here randomly or accidentally. It’s a gift to feel things more and care more, because the absence of this looks like a level of apathy, denial and indifference that’s just as dangerous and scary as actually being one of those who are harming others and the planet.

You have a mission. A cause. A life’s purpose. And the issues that affect you deeply, whether they conjure anger or grief, sadness or frustration are the very issues that are connected to your life’s purpose and where you are meant to create change.

5. You need to turn off the distractions
De-program from the limiting reality projected in the media and start stepping into your dream life and out of fantasies, illusions and lack mentality. We live in an abundant universe and everything is available to us. Rather than feeding the fear-based media, begin looking inward to your vast potential that has the ability to make positive change in the world, adding value through sharing your gifts.

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