Attempting Diplomacy

(NBC News) – Today Secretary of State John Kerry is headed overseas – again – to try to diffuse the crisis in Ukraine.

It’ll be the first time the U.S., Ukraine, Russian and Europe sat down together since the crisis began.

Thursday’s talks in Geneva are happening amid what Ukraine calls an anti-terror crackdown with Ukraine sending troops and tanks into towns where Russian demonstrators are trying to take over.

Russia has asked the United Nations to protect the demonstrators.

The U.S. is planning more sanctions — fearing Russia may unleash 40,000 troops standing at the border. “Not only do we anticipate additional sanctions at some point, we’re preparing additional steps,” said Jen Psaki State Department Spokeswoman.

Senator John McCain – visiting nearby Latvia – says it’s not enough. “Sanctioning a handful of people and one bank is certainly a ridiculous response[.] We need to look at further military exercises,” declared Senator John McCain (R) Arizona.

But The White House insists – no troops. “There’s not a military solution – there certainly should NOT be one,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Sanctions haven’t stopped to Russia so far. With tomorrow’s meeting, the U.S. hopes diplomacy will.

The U.S. says the main goal of this meeting is to get Ukraine and Russia’s foreign ministers in the same room together.

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