Whately officials look to renovate the Town Hall

WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP) – The Town of Whately is meeting Wednesday to discuss the possibility of some capital projects in the area; one in particular is renovating the current Town Hall.

The current Whately Town Hall building was built in 1844, and it is one of the longest running operational town halls in the state.

Whately uses the town hall building and the school center for town operations, but city officials are proposing to combine the spaces to create a new and improved town hall.

Lynn Sibley, the Town Administrator, told 22News not only will it benefit employees, but it will also help residents.

It will also benefit citizens because as of right now they have to go to two different building. They pay their dog licenses, here and then have to pay their taxes at town hall. Sometimes they have no idea where to go,” said Sibley.

The renovations will cost an estimated $3 million. The town will hold a forum Wednesday night, but the vote will take place June 10th.

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