Some moist wipes can cause allergies

NEW YORK (CNN) – There are a lot of personal products out there that make life a little easier. However, with convenience, sometimes comes complications.

Recently doctors have found that certain moist wipes could be causing serious allergies. How?

They may seem harmless but researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have found that wipes like these could cause painful breakouts in some people.

“So the typical thing is gonna be red, very angry, weeping, scaling skin that is just itching like crazy and driving these people nuts. The other thing that it looks just like, when we see it in babies, it looks like a horrible diaper rash that just won’t get better, no matter what they do,” said Dr. Matthew Zirwas of Wexner Medical Center.

The cause of the allergic breakouts is a popular preservative known as “MI” or methylisothiazolinone. It’s found in some baby care products, makeup remover towelettes, even moist flush-able wipes.

“They have to keep coming up with new preservatives. This was a new one that was developed, they thought that it was gonna be very safe and it was only after it started to be used a lot that we find out that this was probably the worst preservative that we’ve seen on the market,” said Dr. Zirwas.

Doctors recommend if you start to see breakouts such as these on your face, fingers or fanny best to see a doctor and stop using the wipes until a diagnosis has been made.

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