Researchers claim to hack Samsung Galaxy S5 sensor

NEW YORK (CNN) – Just days after Samsung released its newest smartphone, researchers say they’ve already found a weakness in the phone’s security.

Tuesday, experts from security research labs posted a YouTube video apparently showing them hacking into the new “Galaxy S-5’s” fingerprint sensor. They say they were able to break into the phone and make a payment using PayPal, which also uses a fingerprint lock.

Experts made a fake fingerprint out of a wood-glue mold, based on a photo they took of a fingerprint left on a smartphone. That’s a similar method testers used to hack into apple’s iPhone five-s when it came out. Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN.

Paypal says it takes the security firm’s finding very seriously.

The company reiterated that it deactivates fingerprint keys on lost or stolen devices, and that they cover users in the case of fraud.

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