Man dies after being tasered by East Hartford police

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– It’s almost a day and a half later, and East Hartford police are still not saying a word about a taser incident that killed 22-year old Jose Maldonado.

The incident took place inside the police station early Sunday morning. State police are continuing to investigate , and did tell News 8 on Sunday that Maldanado appeared to be suffering from medical distress.

He was given emergency care at the police station.

Maldanado’s family said on Monday that he did not have any health problems whatsoever.

The family is heartbroken over his sudden death, and find the incident that led to his death even more difficult to understand.

Maldonado was  tasered by East Hartford police after they said he was combative.

What State Police will say is they were called to an apartment complex on Nutmeg Lane in East Hartford early Sunday morning. They said that while on scene, they learned Maldonado had damaged a car that had a family sitting inside with two adults and three children. One of the adults was hurt from broken glass.

News 8 was told that Maldonado was combative before, during, and after the arrest. That’s when an officer took out his taser.

Since East Hartford police won’t make any comments at all, News 8 asked state police to explain what their departments policy is with tasers.

“After eight hours of training, they go back every year for a four-hour in-service training,” said Trooper Kelly Grant.

That includes reviewing policies, legal updates, and medical and tactical updates.

Grant said that police receive training on the most common scenarios involving tasers.

“They are presented with several different scenarios,” she said. “Obviously, you can’t come up with enough scenarios that they are going to see in real life, but the most basic scenarios, the most common scenarios [are taught.]”

Maldanado was raised by his grandmother in Manchester.

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