Greenfield mayor wants to improve the city

Greenfield capital projects

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- If you live or work in or near Greenfield, you could be seeing some improvement projects. 22News reporter Georgiaree Godfrey found out what’s on Greenfield’s capital projects list.

Greenfield recently broke ground for one of its major construction projects this spring. The city is completely renovating one of its larger parking areas between Chapman and Davis streets.

But that’s just one project on Mayor Martin’s capital project proposal. Some residents told 22News they agree money should be invested in infrastructures.

George Gohl, owner of Greenfield Garden Cinemas told 22News why money should be invested in roads and sidewalks. “You got to spend the money on the roads and the sidewalks so that people can get around safely without disappearing in a bottomless pit.”

Mayor Martin’s proposal plans to improve road conditions, sidewalks, and even repair the roof of North Parish School, but some residents say they’d rather see better use of outdoor space.

Jeffrey Baker, owner of Baker Wealth Management in downtown Greenfield, told 22News he wants to see more outdoor cafes. “With summer coming up warmer weather coming up people want to be outdoors not inside. So when people are driving down the road and they see some activity outside on the sidewalks they might want to say hey I’ll get out of my car go check it out.”

Mayor Martin also proposes to improve the bridge on Nash’s Mill Road, that’s one of the roads in Greenfield that is prone to flooding.

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