Dash cam shows traffic stop shootout


MAQUOKETA, Iowa (CNN) – Dashcam video shows an Iowa man getting out of his truck during a traffic stop, and shooting at a police officer. Investigators say Aaron Edward Scott loaded his car with guns, then told his ex-wife that he was going to settle a score.

The shootout back on April first left 13-year veteran, Brendan Zeimet, with a gunshot wound to his left forearm. Scott was shot in the leg, but police later found his truck upside down in a ditch in Clinton County. He died of a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Police say Aaron Edward Scott had a history the area, including mental health and alcohol problems.

Matt George of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation told CNN “Scott had some sort of falling out with the girl he had been seeing.”

Investigators revealed that break-up happened just one hour before the shooting. Scott called his ex-wife stating, “she needed to get home and watch their son because he had a score to settle”. Scott left a suicide note, and packed his truck with weapons.

“He did have a SKS rifle in his truck. There was also a .308 rifle, more less a deer rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun.”

Four guns he could legally carry. But the question still remains, why Maquoketa police.

Officers believe the bad blood dated back to his time in the Jackson County Jail while serving a sentence for an OWI.

“He had some problems there, some perceived problems at the jail, and it sounds to me like those problems in his mind were directed to the Maquoketa Police Department, even though he was at a Jackson County jail.” Brad Korenda, Maquoketa’s Police Chief, told CNN.

But after nearly two weeks of investigations, Sgt. Zeimet is ready to return.

“Well, we’re all family here. We’ve got a small group of guys that do a hard job. And i’m very grateful that he’s back.”

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