The perfect ingredients for brush fires

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over the past few days 22News has heard multiple reports of separate brush fires. These are the perfect ingredients for brush fires, dry, windy and warm.

The timing of this kind of weather is made worse by the fact that grass, plants and trees haven’t started growing much yet.

Chicopee Fire Deputy Chief Dean Desmarais told 22News, “Until we get a canopy of leaves on the trees to shade it and new growth vegetation that has the moisture in it as I said, it’s more susceptible to sparks.”

When plants, grass and trees start growing, they hold onto more moisture making it less likely to burn, but with snow lingering on the ground later than usual, that’s delayed the growth of some plants, keeping us drier for later.

Brush fires have many causes, including improper disposal of smoking materials, passing trains or cars and atvs creating a spark driving over dry grass.

What western Mass. needs is rain, to make the ground wet, but also to help plants and grass grow.

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