Easter themed treats for kids!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Many people color eggs as an Easter tradition, so why not start a new tradition with your family, making fun treats with your kids!
MaryRenee Lemberg is the multi-tasking mom and she joined us with ideas!

Fun Easter cupcakes

Planted carrots
What you will need:
Orange Starburst candies (one for each carrot)
Kitchen skewer or toothpick
Kitchen scissors
Green Twizzlers
Batch of cupcakes
White frosting
Cinnamon sugar
Flower cupcakes
What you’ll need:
Cupcakes (made from your favorite recipe)
white frosting
Colored gumdrops
Large marshmallows
Colored baking sugar
Butterfly cupcakes:
What you’ll need
1 baked cupcake
White icing
1/2 sour gummy worm
2 fruit slices, sliced in half
Gumdrop slices (optional)
2 1/2-inch pieces of shoestring licorice

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