Rated R
1 hour 45 minutes

Karen Gillan, Brendon Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Let me ask you, if your family fell under the spell of a four hundred year old supernatural mirror controlled by evil spirits, as it does in “Oculus”, you’d hold an emergency tag sale or contact your nearest antique dealer, right?

But the victim’s children would rather get even with the haunted mirror, even if it means wasting nearly two hours of my time.

The musty plot only serves to remind us how closely “Oculus” rhymes with ridiculous. She’ll avenge her mom who went nuts admiring herself in the demonic looking glass, and her dad, who committed unspeakable crimes, presumably because the mirror couldn’t hide his five o’clock shadow.

“Oculus” relies on flashbacks until they become annoying and repetitious.

At this point it’s still not too late to deposit the mirror at the city dump, along with all evidence that someone actually made this silly tale of the supernatural.

There’s no one in the cast you’ll even barely recognize, and for their sake I hope you don’t. The good thing is there’s nothing out there right now even remotely as forgettable as “Oculus”.

It’s a reflection of what happens when someone makes a cheap horror film with no hope of winning more than one star.

What a dumb movie.

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