Western Massachusetts enjoys warmest day since 2013

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Less than a month into spring, yet western Massachusetts got to enjoy temperatures more typical for mid May rather than mid April.

“It’s a great relief. I love the sunshine on my face, I love being kissed by the sun, it feels good,” said Julianne Lesinski from West Hartford.

It’s hard to believe that just one month ago we were still stuck in winter, cold and snowy.

For many people, it’s days like this that help bring the mood back to positive and helps us move on from the lengthy cold of not too long ago.

“Everybody’s out there and looking to be outside and I just think the whole mood changes for everybody,” said Sherry Rubin from Springfield.

High temperatures in the 70s made it the warmest day we’ve had since 2013, but this isn’t normal. Normal high temperatures this time of year are in the upper 50s.

This unusual weather had many people enjoying it, but being wary not to get used to it just yet.

22News asked people if they’re already putting away their winter clothes now.

“I’m debating on whether that’s a good idea or not with the weather being so up and down, I don’t want to have shorts on and then it snow the next day. I’m not quite trusting this warm weather just yet,” said Alyssa Defendi from Middletown, Connecticut.

In a sure sign that spring is well and truly here, in Agawam Six Flags New England opened it’s doors on Saturday for the first time this year, allowing many people to take advantage of weather that was perfect for being outside.

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