Former Connecticut governor indicted

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CNN) – Former Connecticut governor is facing corruption charges, for the second time in ten years.

Former Republican Governor John Rowland pleaded not guilty Friday to seven counts of criminal activity in two political campaigns. Rowland previously spent ten months in prison after being found guilty in 2004 of accepting bribes for state contracts.

Rowland may be one step closer to going back to prison.  The former governor made his way into federal court, familiar steps for Rowland, he’s already a convicted felon and could be again.

Rowland has been indicted on conspiracy and other charges involving two political campaigns, one in which the feds say he drafted a phony contract to conceal 35 thousand dollars he was paid to give political advice to congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley.

Foley wanted to hire Rowland, but felt by doing so publicly it could hurt her campaign because of his criminal past.

Her husband Brian Foley paid Rowland through his nursing home company, both have already plead guilty.
The former governor has hired a high profile Washington DC attorney, who told reporters outside court that its the Foley’s who broke the law.

“she, the candidate, had an obligation to disclose to the FEC her legally mandated reports, that governor Rowland was helping her.  He had no responsibility whatsoever to file anything with the FEC.”

Rowland’s attorney told the judge that they will be going to trial. A date was set for June 10th.

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