Walking around the World

(WFLA) A Swedish man walking across the world is making his way through the Tampa Bay area on Thursday.

In May 2013, Mats Andren began his journey from Stockholm, Sweden to Sydney, Australia.

“One of the biggest disappointments when I travel is that it ends too quickly, you don’t really have time to absorb where you are,” he said. “I average around 20 miles, 30 kilometers a day.”

Andren said he decided he wanted to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, so he sold all of his possessions and now has all his belongings in a small cart, which he calls his mule.

He expects to arrive in Australia in about two years.

“I’m thinking it’s going to take me the rest of this year to cross the USA,” he said.

So all of this walking begs the obvious question: Why?

Andren is looking for that answer himself.

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