To capri or not to capri?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Do you ever see someone in capris who looks fabulous and then you try them on and feel, well, not so fabulous?
Jennifer Roberge and Anita Eliason from Zesta Style joined us to share a few hints that will turn your capri look from dowdy to fabulous in seconds!

Dead center is unflattering:
No matter your height, capris should not hit the leg at the midpoint between your knee and ankle.

The few inches rule:
Either wear your capris a few inches above the ankle or a few inches below the knee. Pick the length that reveals the shape of your leg.
(Tall gals can purchase pants in the ‘short’ length for a capri look)

The 1/3…2/3 rule still applies:
Remember that we discussed never cutting your silhouette in half, as it puts pounds on your figure.
Make sure your tops and bottoms are not of equal length. With long pants your top may be 1/3 of your look, pants 2/3…
however, this same top may actually be closer to the same length as the capris making you look heavier.
So either do a crop top with capris (1/3) or a long boho chic top (2/3) to make you look tall and thin

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