Springfield Fire Department says number of gas leaks not above average


SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Twice this week, two Springfield schools had to be evacuated due to the smell of natural gas. 22News is working for you to discover if gas leaks are increasing or are we just more aware of them.

Immediately following the Springfield gas explosion, the fire department did receive an uptick in calls, but Springfield fire department spokesman Dennis Leger told 22News the number of leaks is just about the same as it’s always been.

Van Sickle Middle and the Renaissance School had to be evacuated twice this week due to the smell of gas. Springfield school’s spokeswoman Azell Cavaan told 22News that the gas company believes they found the source and have repaired the issue.

Leger told 22News if you smell natural gas in your home, a rotten egg smell, you should go outside, call 9-1-1 and let the professionals figure out how serious it is.

Columbia Gas is in the middle of a 20 year plan where it’s replacing more than 400 miles of gas pipes in Western Massachusetts.

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