WiFi interferes court in session

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – At a trial between the world’s largest smartphone companies, the biggest problem is cellphones. The judge is having a problem keeping people off their smartphones in the audience.

The trial is about a patent battle between Apple and Samsung, but the judge said personal WiFi in the room is interfering with the network she uses for updated transcripts during the trial.

Many told 22News they understand how that’s a problem. They said they’re frustrated seeing how distracted people get on their phones.

“A girl walked into me, literally bumped into me and she was texting and I said excuse me how are you texting and walking? You got to pay attention to where you’re going so this doesn’t happen. I think it’s terrible,” said Alonzo Bonas of Springfield.

He said it could be a deadly problem if someone is texting while driving and another person is texting while walking; nobody would be paying attention to what’s actually going on around them.

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