Topless woman wrestles mall security cop

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (CNN) – Shoppers in Oklahoma City got quite an eyeful when a topless woman started wrestling with a security guard after she was accused of shoplifting.

Almost immediately people start getting out their cell phones and capturing the shirtless showdown.

Witnesses say the security officer called for back up twice, and after several minutes an Oklahoma City police officer finally showed up.

The police report says the woman, Heather Lynn Hall, had gone into the Buckle Clothing store and tried to shoplift merchandise and hide it inside a Dillards bag. You can see that bag in the video.

The shoplifting attempt then lead to a wrestling match. What appears to be a wrap or shawl of some sort is off and on as the woman finagles her way out of her clothes and tries to break free.

According to police, Hall has a history of larceny. The report also stated that the woman told police she blames her shoplifting on a drug problem and, says people should be more understanding of her mental condition.

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