Re-design may make Twitter look more like Facebook

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you are someone who uses popular social media sites to stay in touch with friends, get information, or promote a business, you might notice some changes in the way one of your accounts looks.

There will be a transformation of your tweets as Twitter is redesigning profile pages, in a way that basically will make it look more like Facebook.

Over the next few weeks, when you log in to Twitter you will notice bigger avatars, much like your Facebook your profile picture. There will also be a larger banner photo behind it, similar to the cover photo on Facebook. Twitter users will also be able to ‘pin’ favorite tweets at the top of their pages.

The redesign is in an effort to attract users to a more visual site, but not everyone is sure that it will work.

“I think it’ll lose users. I feel like Facebook has kind of ended. I don’t use Facebook nearly as much as I used to. I love Twitter and I feel like if it goes toward Facebook, it’s going to lose those users too,” Courtney Castellano of Bethpage, New York said.

If you are a Twitter user who hates change, there is one option to keep you happy. You just have to keep tweeting from your smartphone, since the changes will not affect Twitter’s mobile app.

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