Melting snow causes muddy roads

CONWAY, Mass. (WWLP)- April showers bring may flowers, but it also brings muddy roads. 22News saw, first hand, the troubles mud season is causing for Franklin County drivers.

Mud season is here. It’s the period in New England where dirt paths become muddy from melting snow. And as the snow and ice continues to melt, those dirt roads become muddy roads filled with ruts.

This year’s harsh winter, has kept the ground frozen preventing water from draining into the soil. The surface layers become saturated with water and turn into mud.

And that could give you some trouble. One driver told 22News, she’s had some car trouble from traveling those dirt roads. “I try leaving a little earlier because of the road, because I don’t know what kind of condition it will be in that day. I got stuck in the mud before  and I have gotten a flat tire,” said Linda Trudeau.

The highway departments have been using road signs to deter drivers from traveling those muddy roads. The department has also been working on improving road conditions.

Ashfield Highway Superintendent, Tom Poissant, told 22News, what his department is doing to help those who need to use those muddy roads. “We have a dragger we made ourselves that we pull behind a tractor. It helps smooth the roads out and breaks it up a little bit to hopefully speed up the drying process. And to smooth out the ruts so they don’t collect as much water.”

The highway departments have also been using rocks to fill holes and ruts in the roads to help make them more passable.

This year’s winter has caused problems for roads across the country. We, along with everyone else, have putting up with a very bad pothole season.

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