Local parents react to school violence

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Another incident of school violence Wednesday in Pennsylvania has some local parents questioning school safety.

Sandy Hook, Arapahoe, Virginia Tech, Columbine and now Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania. There was terror in the halls today when 20 were wounded near Pittsburgh by a 16 year old with two knives.

The suspect was arrested. Could it happen here?

“Especially after Sandy Hook where somebody would go in an elementary school. I worry. It goes through your mind. I think it could happen anywhere,” said Roula Kofides, a Belchertown Parent.

Efthimia Vasiliadis has kids that go to school in Amherst. She told 22News she worries during every lockdown situation. “I wonder if the more attention it gets, people are getting ideas and acting on it. Maybe they want to be on the news or they want to go out in a big way.”

Kate Dobosz told 22News things have changed since she was in school. “Just school. Average high school problems. Never my safety.”

Parents told us they’d like to see an increase in school security. Last March, 22News reported that Enfield, Connectict schools would begin posting armed guards in every school.

“We need to have checkpoints before they wall into the school,” said Dorene Dobosz a parent from Turners Falls.”

Parents told 22News it’s an unfortunate sign of the times. Parents also expressed their concern for mental health, saying there needs to be more options available for parents who may not know where to turn.

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