How to keep phone battery charges lasting longer

NEW YORK (CNN) – A long day of running errands, a flight delay, or a concert or sporting event can leave smartphone users without an outlet to recharge. That dwindling battery often leaves us seeing red.

Restoring a smartphone battery to full charge can take as long as an hour. So smartphone users took notice when an Israeli startup called “Storedot” recently posted a YouTube video with a prototype for technology that would charge a zapped mobile phone battery in a mere thirty seconds.

The company says it’ll be about two years before they’ll get a product on the market, so until then, here are some tips smartphone users can keep in mind to save battery life.

Adjust settings so the phone goes into standby mode or status after a minute or two, rather than ten or fifteen. Also, lower the brightness of the phone’s display and disable the auto-brightness feature.

Location-based apps can also drain a battery quickly. Look for the GPS icon in the upper corner of the phone’s screen and disable location services if you’re trying to save juice.

Also, disable automatic downloads of apps and music, and close those apps when not using them so they don’t run in the background.

If you’re one of those people that knows they’ll frequently go a long time between charges, invest in a battery case for your phone, to always have backup.

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