Envelope company closing Westfield plant; 200 workers affected

The signs still read "National Envelope" at the Cenveo plant in Westfield. The company's president announced April 9 that the plant would be closing in early June.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A major envelope manufacturer will be moving out of western Massachusetts in less than two months, and that will have an impact on more than 200 workers.

Mark Hilpwein, the President of Cenveo Envelope Group, told 22News that the company’s facility in Westfield will be closing on June 8 of this year.

Hilpwein told 22News that more than 200 workers will be effected, but qualified workers could get jobs at some of their more than 20 facilities nationwide, specifically in Pennsylvania. Families would have to relocate and Hilpwein couldn’t confirm there were enough openings for everyone.

Workers were notified about the closure on Wednesday morning.

Paul Beaulieu, who works in Westfield, told 22News, “Definitely a concern for the city as a whole because these are 200 people that are in town on a daily basis spending money buying things and contributing money to the economy so. Gosh, the domino effect.”

Cenveo took over the facility in September 2013, Hilpwein said, because the company had purchased its former owner, National Envelope, which had gone bankrupt.

Kyle Lamoureux said he’s not surprised by an envelope factory closing. He said it’s a sign of the times. “Even with billing most places they want you to take the online billing option because it’s cheaper for everybody.”

He said that the facility is closing because of failed negotiations concerning rent with the building’s landlord, Spirit.

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